Monday, December 6, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Part II

Two days after the previous sink entry...

G-pa (on the phone): Is Dan there?

Mom: Yes.

G-pa: Oh good. Your mom wanted me to call and thank him for installing the kitchen sink.

My dad enjoyed this one. See, my grandma wasn't the most accepting of my dad when he got married, but now she thinks he's a saint. Like, the patron saint of independent contracting.

The Kitchen Sink

New apartment, new problems

Approaches my mom, who is washing dishes in the kitchen sink.

G-ma: I love this place, but I'm mad.

Mom: Oh? Why is that?

G-ma: Because it doesn't have a kitchen sink.

Mom (currently holding a soapy plate):...Yes it does. Right here.

Grandma, if I were trying to find the kitchen sink, I would start by looking in the kitchen.

Christmas Party, 2009

Preparing for this year's family party, I remembered last year's...

G-ma: Have you met my sister, Jean?

Response: Yeah. She's my mom...

Grandma, everyone has met your sister Jean. We've been having this party for about 86 years. Not only that, they met her tonight, the last six times you introduced her.